Remember when the Democrats used to be anti-war?

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by magnora7

During the years Bush was invading Iraq, it was all we heard about. End the war.

But now Trump is paving a path to peace, and the front page is running stories about the atrocities in North Korea. We all know the situation is very bad in North Korea, it’s been that way for decades, and that’s why peace and modern relations are so important! There seems to be some pervasive idea in the liberal-leaning parts of the media right now that further alienation of NK will somehow solve this problem. That having a meeting between world leaders conveys weakness. This is childish, and exactly the attitude that has prevented peace.

It seriously seems like some people on the left would rather not have peace if Trump is the one to do it. They would accept it if someone else was doing it, but not Trump. Disgusting priorities. I’m not a huge Trump fan, but I am a huge fan of peace. And he’s making peace, so I applaud him.

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I remember just a few years ago, right-wing people were talking about “wanting Obama to fail” to show how right they were. And how the liberal media was decrying that at every turn, because if you want Obama to fail you want America to fail. And I agree. I don’t want America to fail. Wanting America to fail so you can say “my side is right” is disgusting immoral behavior.

Now the shoe is on the other foot. And I see an unbelievable portion of left-leaning media trying to undermine this peace process at every turn. For the same disgusting reasons: Because they don’t want Trump to look good.

Think about that. These people would rather risk literal nuclear war, than have a guy they dislike do something genuinely good, just because it undermines their narratives. Imagine having priorities like that, where you would prefer to literally have the risk of nuclear war so long as it means your team isn’t made to look silly on TV. Why have your ego is so emotionally addicted to a narrative that you try to game reality to keep the narrative intact, instead of just finding a new narrative? Social pressure?

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Tribalism. It gets the best of people and it has infected our polarized mainstream media culture. Tribalism overrides our emotions if we let it. These are weak people who cannot think for themselves outside the emotional validation provided to them by the group they have chosen to align themselves to (although in their minds they certainly believe “it’s the only moral choice” so they don’t see it as an option). This applies to both hardcore Republicans and hardcore Democrats. Two sides of the same coin of political tribalism.

Some people see this. Many don’t. Is this the Achilles heel of human culture? Why are some Democrats and some left-leaning media outlets trying to undermine peace by focusing on the negative right after such a historic meeting?


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