Reminder: "Trudeau Gave $20 MILLION In Taxpayer Money To The Clinton Foundation"

That means Canada interfered with our election.
h/t GTF

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1 thought on “Reminder: "Trudeau Gave $20 MILLION In Taxpayer Money To The Clinton Foundation"

  1. The Clinton Foundation has been at the center of a controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton after it was revealed that the charity accepted foreign contributions
    from Canada as well as from Australia, Germany, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi
    Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The Wall Street Journal reported on
    this controversy in 2016, revealing that the Foundation accepted nearly
    $500,000 from a Canadian government agency that was tasked with
    promoting the Keystone XL pipeline proposal. Obviously pay for play contributions. This is kind of operations that the Canadian government has been involved in for the last generation or so conveniently hidden for the Canadian taxpayer.
    are true.

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