Renting Vs. Buying a Franking Machine – Which is Best?

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Franking machines are quickly becoming a common piece of equipment in all office set ups, with even more businesses becoming part of the franking world. This is because they are extremely useful and will save any business a lot of money.


Companies that send a lot of mail find postage meters an indispensable part of business life. Businesses that send mail less often can and are benefiting from using franking machines as well.


What Is a Franking Machine and Why Does Your Business Need One?


A franking machine or postage meter is a machine that prints the postage stamp along with your company logo on postcards and envelopes. The name of this device is as a result of the name of the stamping process, which is also known as franking.


If you’re running a business and there’re many business mails to be sent daily, then this machine is ideal for your business. It gives you a quick, cheap, flexible, and easy way to pay for postage on the business mails on a monthly or daily basis.


Some folks feel that you need to be sending out bulk mail to justify having a franking machine, but even at low quantities, franking machines can help you save a lot. Here are reasons why businesses need franking machines:


1.      Convenience


No more lining up in the post office to get stamps. No more late mail when you unexpectedly run out of stamps. A franking machine won’t let you down. You can top up around the clock.


2.      Savings


Besides the discounts and the time saved by not having to purchase stamps every couple of days, franking machines will help you save even more.


You can print the exact amount of credit you need. This means no more overpaying for postage since the stamps you have don’t add up to the exact amount needed to mail your item.


3.      Discounts


This type of office equipment is very cost effective. This is because they pass on some of the savings to you because it’s cheaper for them to handle franked mail instead of stamped mail.


4.      Branding and Promotion


You can build your brand; many of the newer models have a feature that let you print your seasonal greetings, a special offer, company name, or logo to add a personal touch.


Nonetheless, the main question at hand for businesses is whether to rent or buy franking machines?


Buying Vs. Renting


Regrettably, there is no wrong or right answer to this as there’re many advantages and factors associated with making this decision, with allotted budgets and cost being the key focus.


While most companies would opt for the renting option since it’s more convenient for any business, some would rather go for the option of buying their very own franking machines. Let us compare the two options:




While the cost of buying a franking machine outright might be very high, you could argue that it’s worth it. Furthermore, buying lets you to have full ownership of the machine free from any contracts that come with renting or leasing.


Nonetheless, there’re many drawbacks of buying over renting. For one, you’ll need to find a large lump sum of money upfront – this can be in the thousands depending on the franking machine model you’re going with.


Then as the machine ages, it is your responsibility to upgrade.  You just have to buy a new machine – another significant outlay.


It’s also important to keep in mind that buying the machine upfront doesn’t rid you of any recurring costs. You will also need a royal mail franking license, which must be renewed yearly.


Also, you’ll most likely need a maintenance and service contract which can be paid either annually or monthly.



Cost of Buying a Franking Machine


Businesses can expect to pay a one-off buying price for new machines. Generally, these fees can be between £150 to £700, but it’s best to enquire so you know what to expect.




If your business is still growing and expanding you might find that renting a machine is the better option because the model that is best for your business now might not be able to keep up with your expanded requirements down the line.


Purchasing a franking machine outright can goes for a lot more, which is why renting is a worthwhile and common option for many businesses. Renting a franking machine allows you to reap the advantages without the daunting price tag.


Cost of Renting a Franking Machine


Renting a franking machine is a common option for many businesses that don’t have the initial capital to buy one outright. These agreements enable you to spread the cost through monthly payments.


A servicing and maintenance support service is inclusive, so you won’t be charged for any repairs. Franking machine rental can be between £15 to £30 p/m according to




As with most Buying decisions, there’re advantages and disadvantages to buying and renting franking machines. If you want to avoid an upfront cost, then franking machine rental is for you.


On the flip side, if you wish to own your equipment, purchasing a franking machine is the best option. Both are excellent options, and the one that’s right for you will entirely depend on your business circumstances, budget, and mail volume.



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