Rep. Dave Joyce On Intel Memo: “Americans will be surprised how bad it is”…

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Representative Dave Joyce (R-OH), told Fox News Monday the House intelligence committee plans on releasing the document, but warned that once Americans see it they’ll “be surprised how bad it is.”
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2 thoughts on “Rep. Dave Joyce On Intel Memo: “Americans will be surprised how bad it is”…

  1. “….will be surprised….” ?
    You stupid SOB, we’re already suffering. But ONLY because you keep beating us down!
    It will be WORSE for you, because you need US! We DON”T need YOU!
    Without us, you have NOTHING! NO workers, servants, taxpayers, buyers, et al. You, Feds/ELITE are scared to death of us, You KNOW you’re parasites.
    When the so called “economy” goes, we’ll do better than better. We can go back to trading, Goods and Services, and even Local Currency.
    But the reason the “economy” is doing bad is because you, scum Feds/Elite won’t let we, THE People, restart it. Every time a local, small shop opens you either beat the new business down, tax it into closing, or just send in the cops to destroy it. It’s also happened time and time again, with local small food crops, where enterprising communities start planting and growing vegetables and fruit. And JUST as the crops are ready to harvest, you scum Feds/Elite plow the plants down.
    It’s happened time and time again with individual gardens.
    INDEED, we will do better without you, Feds/Elite.

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