Repo Madness: Up To $300 Billion Per Day As First 42 Day Term Repo Kicks In Going Into 2020!

by Jason Burack via Wall St Fro Main St

Repo Madness is now up to $300 billion dollars per day as the first 42 day term repo (into 2020 now) for $55 billion dollars kicked in on November 25th.

There’s no end in sight for #RepoMadness but remember that it’s only temporary! LOL

Press Release from November 14th:…

The central bank will offer a total of $55 billion in longer-term loans. Two operations lasting 42 days will take place on Nov. 25 and Dec. 2. One operation lasting 28 days will be offered on Dec. 9, according to a schedule released Thursday. That compares with a more typical term of about 14 days previously offered.

Yesterday, November 25th the first of the Fed’s 2 $55 billion 42 day term repos (that go into 2020!) kicked in.

Here’s Jim Bianco’s Tweet… and his LinkedIn blog post about Repo Madness:…

The chart you see on your screens was also courtesy of Jim Bianco and Bianco Research.

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