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by limes_huh

Alright I’ve got some nitty gritty details on a shit ton of restaurants. I’m a doordash driver (this is what diamond hands gets you. I went from $157 to $7500 to $850). I’ve got some DD on a few restaurants, some of this info might be super useful, some might not.

  • Chipotle – this is the main DD, the big papi. As you know from their earnings, they’ve been absolutely crushing sales. Every time I go theres at least 5 bags awaiting pickup, and sometimes there’s up to 20. Today they’ve even instituted an alphabetical distribution because they just have so fucking many bags. The cooking staff was not taught how to wear masks, though, and they just wear them around their necks. There are people straight up talking to each other while looking down directly over freshly cooked steak. If they’ve got the virus it is becoming acquainted with every burrito bowl and quesadilla they prepare. I’m not sure if they can be held accountable for this, but I suspect Chipotle is directly responsible for a significant amount of virus spreading (albeit, this is anecdotal evidence). If a few workers get sick, though, they will quickly spread it to each other and we can expect some sort of headline or strike or something. Keep in mind Chipotle’s past issues with food safety.
  • MacDonald – sir, this is a MacDonald. MCD’s is crushing it as well, but not as strongly as some of the other fast food joints like chick fil a and popeyes. With that said, MCD is the cleanliest of any restaurant I’ve been to since the pandemic started. Everyone’s got masks and gloves on properly, and inside it is cleaner than ever. Also, MCD has a presence on many different delivery platforms and is open all night so I think they’re at least doing a good job staying above water.
  • Cheesecake factory – only been getting orders on weekend nights for the most part. They’re doing pretty poorly right now and the quantity of orders seems to be far from where it needs to be. This may be a shit estimate, but based on my anecdotal experience they could have lost 80%+ of business. Cheesecake Factory’s main value driver (besides the cheesecake obviously) is the experience and atmosphere of going to the restaurant. Otherwise, it’s basically just microwave meals that people can just buy at the grocery store frozen. They’ve got the social distancing going well though and are more high tech than all the other restaurants. Drivers are alerted when to come into the restaurant to pick up the food. Surprisingly, nobody else does this.
  • Taco Bell – drive thru has a steady flow and to be honest how many people actually go and sit inside a taco bell in the first place. People are still getting baked and driving thru or ordering probably at or near the same quantity before the pandemic. Although, I’ll add that the drive thru clerk has not had a mask or gloves and is probably handling a decent amount of cash money.
  • Wendy’s – I decline orders for Wendy’s since making the mistake of accepting the first one I got. The line is usually around the block for the drive thru, and that was the only option for drivers. Safe to say that they’re totally crushing business, but that they haven’t learned a single fucking thing in operations management. Learn how to fucking handle the crowd of people that literally want to hand you their money. Chick fil a does this right but is unfortunately not publicly traded. Chick fil a had 250 cars easily when I went and I declined the order as well. But at least they have a parking lot management team with people running orders out to cars, and a separate spot for doordash/delivery drivers so they don’t have to wait in the same line.
  • Dunkin – I expect Dunkin is not doing nearly as well as they usually do. Doordash orders are kinda atypical in the first place because who needs coffee brought to them? Some people I guess. But my theory with this one is that all the college students and young professionals who rely on Dunkin every morning for their job/school work have cut down significantly. Hours are down at a lot of locations and social distancing makes it so that only 4-6 people can wait in line in a typical dunkin. They are suffering. Also, most of their stores don’t have a drive thru.

So I obviously only included public companies, but hopefully this info can provide some utility to you gambling idiots. I myself have lost like 95% of the value on almost every one of my puts and I’m using my doordash earnings to yolo on LSD penny stocks so take my words with a grain of salt. Also, word is that Doordash and other gig economy companies have stopped onboarding because there are too many people on the job.


Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.


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