Republicans Are Gay Weirdos, Stop Voting For Them

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by Chris Black

Conservatism is literally gay. If you want to get anywhere in the GOP, be prepared to spend time on the casting couch.

Allow me to elaborate.

What’s really interesting about the Madison Cawthorn gay tape is that’s really telling about more than just him.

Cawthorn said in an interview a few weeks ago that Republican senators were telling him to go to gay orgies. 

They didn’t like that.

Since then Cawthorn has gotten a lot of bad press about sexual misconduct, drunkenness, driving infractions, etc. 

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Now this weird, potentially incestuous tape leaks. 

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So what does this tell us?

It tells us that Republicans are having gay orgies. 

Why else would they be seeking revenge? 

It also tells us that the people they put in front of us to vote for are absolutely fake and literally gay. 

So why would anyone still vote republican?

They’re weird, gay liars.

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Also, my dear Madison Cawthorne: there’s no such thing as being gay *ironically*. 

Admit that the GOP is a mutual blackmail society of deranged perverts and maybe you’ll have your self-respect back when you inevitably get Clinton’ed.

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