Republicans optimistic Afghanistan chaos will win them Senate races in Arizona, Georgia, and New Hampshire

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Senior Republican officials think President Joe Biden’s handling of the situation in Afghanistan significantly boosts their chances of winning key races in the 2022 midterm elections, especially the Senate races in Arizona, Georgia, and New Hampshire.

Multiple GOP officials spoke with the Washington Examiner about how the Biden administration’s strategic choices and messaging on the subject will play out in congressional races, even though midterm elections are generally not decided on foreign policy.

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One official claimed the situation makes Biden look like a “failed leader,” adding the idea that the president represented a “return to normalcy” has “quickly worn off.”

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A second GOP official agreed with that assertion but suggested Republicans wouldn’t have to emphasize the specific point on Afghanistan, as it’s yet another point of “general frustration” over Biden’s foreign policy. That official also claimed the president and his top officials’ inability to “get their stories straight” makes the administration look disorganized and incapable of performing executive branch duties.

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