Rescue baby squirrel is taxi-driver’s constant companion

by Dr. Eowyn

Pyotr Pankratau, a former soldier in the Belarusian army, found a baby squirrel on the verge of death.

Pyotr took the squirrel and nursed it back to health, feeding it with milk through a syringe. He named the squirrel Masik.

When Pyotr left the army, he brought little Masik with him.

Pyotr became a taxi-driver, with Masik as his constant companion.

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Masik even has his own little bed in the taxi.

Pyotr said: “I took him with me everywhere. In the army, everywhere. So he got used to this. Masik has a standard route at home, too – eating, then sleeping, from the kitchen to either under the blanket or to the wardrobe. He likes to sleep with me, close to my neck. He is very independent. There are no better animals.”

Source: PawMyGosh



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