Rescue Friday

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by Chris

The TPTB have lines drawn all over the beach apparently.  They are desperately afraid of all sorts of things:


  • People having access to the truth
  • Markets finding their own way
  • People deciding what to put in their own bodies

In the case of the “”markets”” the central banks have decided that they are responsible for assuring they remain at the proper prices levels.

The Chinese authorities are buying empty flats in their efforts to sustain the “proper” prices for housing in key markets.  Er, “”markets.””

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The ECB is busy buying every manner of bonds in Europe to assure the that the “proper” yields are maintained.

And somebody goes on absolute buying rampages, all at once, because, I assume, it’s really hard to hide your fat, intern-like fingers from the ultra-quick robots circling in the waters.

What you get are things like 20 S&P 500 points in ten minutes, as we just saw a few minutes ago:

Sure, we can try and pin this on yet another Trump comment about China (which must have been good for about 350 S&P points collectively along the way?) , but this is just what it looks like when “they” dump a rescue fund into the markets.

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Their intent is to either soften the decline, or hopefully ignite another blast higher.

Left out of the discussion, entirely, is the fact that their past ten years of deformations and manipulations have not bought an enduring prosperity or anything resembling organic, sustainable growth.

But, here we are, and this is how it’s going to be for a while.


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