Rescue Time!

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by Chris

With the futures down hard, it’s always good to keep an eye out for any and all rescue attempts.  Many have been made over the past couple of weeks.  Interesstingly they have all failed.

Stock markets hate failures like that!

This morning’s rescue attempt, which may or may not be sucessful, began a few minutes ago.

Here are the easily detected fingerprints of such an operation.

The way I would engineer a rescue is by selling the VIX while buying the stock futures.  Given the huge number of algos out there constantly sniffing for any trend or reversal, I don’t think this would cost too much.  Perhaps a few million?  Maybe a few tens of millions.  But not much to a central bank or an insider proxy agent.

Otherwise I am at a loss as to why the NIKKEI, every US stock index, oil and the vix would all spike/plunge during the exact same 5 minute window.

If completely innocent, then the resulting worry is in the implication that whatever happens to the NIKKEI will also happen to the US “”markets””

Worrying because the Japanese experiment is dangerously imbalanced trying as it is to engineer infinite exponential growth in banking claims on the literal backs of an ageing and declining population.  That just breaks someday.


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