#Resist: How To Spot A Phony Political Movement

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by Daniel Carter
Over the past several years, political movements have been a dime a dozen. After the economy crashed in 2008, we saw the rise of the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street. Those two movements eventually petered out, but that made room for the overwhelming torrent of political movements that sprang up both before and after Trump’s election.
On the right, there are anti-immigration movements, pro-life movements and movements based on patriotism and the support of Western values. On the left, there is Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Democratic Socialism, 3rd Wave Feminism, BAMN and a plethora of other lesser known political movements. Many of the leftist political movements have now coalesced into one giant movement known as the “Resistance.”
The Resistance’s goals are somewhat unclear because of their wide array of interests and philosophies. One thing is clear however: they are invariably eager to resist every government policy or position that President Trump puts forth. As you are about to see, taking such a hard and unnuanced stance on political issues can lead one to moral and intellectual bankruptcy.
The Tea Party was eventually co-opted by neoconservatives. Occupy Wall Street was almost immediately co-opted by deadbeat communists. And now, The Resistance has been co-opted by some of the most corrupt people on the planet: the Deep State. Because the Resistance is lacking in morals and principles, the Deep State can push their agenda on society through these screaming mobs.
The Resistance screamed for more government intervention in the internet when Net Neutrality was killed. They screeched for higher taxes when Trump lowered taxes. They shriek for more business regulations when Trump removes them. They side with the corrupt intelligence community because the media told them that Trump is a puppet of Putin. Some of them even yell for limitations on speech because Trump is politically incorrect. The Resistance is being fooled into promoting their own subservience to government because they can’t see through their hate for Trump.
It’s not only what they resist that exposes the Resistance as a phony political movement. More importantly, it’s what they don’t resist. For example, where was the outrage when Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and other Democrats voted to extend Trump’s warrantless spying power? Where were the protests when Democrats voted to extend Trump’s ability to declare war without the approval of Congress? Where was the screaming and crying when Tillerson announced that the US would stay in Syria indefinitely?
When it’s time to stand up against the abuses of government power, the Resistance is silent. They accuse Trump of white supremacy, incompetence and being a Russian puppet. However, when Democrats decide to give the Trump administration immense power, they are nowhere to be found.
Their silence occurs for several reasons. First, they don’t seem to be educated on what’s happening in the world. They take orders from the mainstream media and their Deep State masters. Second, they don’t operate on principles. Instead of analyzing each issue objectively, they automatically move toward the anti-Trump positions. Third, they have been demoralized. Their views of right and wrong have been highly warped by mainstream propaganda.
The Resistance movement has become nothing more than a group of useful idiots acting on behalf of the corrupt Deep State. If you are ever in doubt of what the Deep State wants you to believe, just listen to what the Resistance is saying. They are not in control of their destiny and may be the first casualties if the government ever achieves its goal of totalitarianism. I’ll now leave you with a video from Nuance Bro, who hilariously dismantles the Resistance’s arguments on a regular basis. Enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “#Resist: How To Spot A Phony Political Movement

  1. There’s a simple way to tell if a movement is phony: If the corporate media talk about it (in a context other than smearing it as crazy kooks), it’s phony.
    Look at the Tea Party: Back when it was real and mostly Ron Paul supporters, they didn’t talk about it except in the context of “kooks trying to hijack the Republican party”. Then they decided they could turn the movement into “useful idiots” and arranged for neocons like Palin and Bachmann to infiltrate — and as soon as their criminals were visible enough to pretend they speak for the entire movement, the media started covering it.
    If you’ve never heard of something, chances are it is genuine.
    Not only in politics, by the way. There’s a reason why everyone has heard about Windows, MacOS and maybe Ubuntu, but virtually nobody is aware of http://openmandriva.org/ (the real thing that won’t put in NSA backdoors).

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