Reuters Post-Debate Poll: Biden 22%, Bernie 18%, Warren 8% and Harris 6%….

Reuters/IPSOS conducted a poll [see here] following the second round of Democrat debates.  The latest results show Creepy stayed the same at 22%; Crazy gained 2 points and is now 18%.  However, Spank Me lost almost half of her support, now 6%; and Howdropped to 8%.  No-one else registers anywhere close to being a contender:

(Poll Data Here)

This latest national poll erases the momentum for Kamala Harris (media favorite) and Elizabeth Warren (limo-liberal favorite), who now appear to be sliding backwards along with Robert Francis O’Rourke (anxious people snorting adderall favorite).

Pete Buttigeg gained one percent and is now bringing up the rear on the top five candidates with 4 percent support (meh twinkles).  Meanwhile Corey Booker went from one percent to 3 percent (woo-woo uptwinkled spanglish).

Joe Biden was obviously helped by the lack of broadcast ratings for the debates; so most voters didn’t see his oddly structured jibberish and stunted cognition.  Bernie gained ground on Biden by two percent going from 16% before he started shouting, to 18% after he was done yelling at the other candidates to get off his lawn. (Reuters Article Here)


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