Revealed! New Zealand & The Elites master plan for a world after the Apocalypse!

In a follow up to news about Silicon Valley Billionaires buying doomsday homes in NZ. The following article elaborates on the why.
The article is written brilliantly and for anyone with half a conspiracy head on thier shoulders, it will leave you asking for more.
It’s a bit long so here is the TLDR;
1) Peter Thiel is a hard right supporter
2) He co founded and sold Pay Pal.
3) He is seen as the canary ragarding any large coming economic or commercial movements.
4) He obtained NZ citizenship after only 12 days in NZ.
5) He used his citizenship to purchase hindreds of acres of prime south island farming and fresh water real estate.
6) Him and other Billionaires around the world and specifically silicon valley have been buying up big in NZ.
7) He aspires to one day rule his own country aftee the collapse of civilsation.
8) They plan on being a ruling elite with no more government interferance.
9) He and nore likely others have become fascinated by the concept of the sovereig person and want to use this framework to liberate people from the nation state model.
10) Some one I know very well in NZ (Im holidaying in Thailand) is part of the sovereign movement and they have said the likes of the Royals and Putin, as well as other high ups, are going to use indigenous cultures that have been oppressed, eg the Maori of NZ, the Native Americans of the USA and the Aborigines of Australia to push the justification for liberation of Sovereign citizens. Therby destroying the concept of nations and countries. Creating citizens of the world. “Free people”.
I hope I don’t get in too much shit for sharing this. But I think everyone should start doing some more digging into this.
Read the article its awesome.