Revolution: WHO pandemic treaty promises to equally destroy your rights!

Here is just part of the draft for Article 14. Welcome to DYSTOPIA! :

Each Party shall: (a) incorporate into its laws and policies human rights protections during public health emergencies, including, but not limited to, requirements that any limitations on human rights are aligned with international law, including by ensuring that: (i) any restrictions are nondiscriminatory, necessary to achieve the public health goal and the least restrictive necessary to protect the health of people; (ii) all protections of rights, including but not limited to, provision of health services and social protection programmes, are non-discriminatory and take into account the needs of people at high risk and persons in vulnerable situations; and (iii) people living under any restrictions on the freedom of movement, such as quarantines and isolations, have sufficient access to medication, health services and other necessities and rights; and…

Basically stating if the WHO says DO IT!, each party (all countries, so, the entire world!) must comply!

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Premade billions of an experimental gene therapy vials: CHECK!
Next pandemic named by Bill Gates (Psychic) S.E.E.R.S in the year 2025: CHECK!

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