Richard Grenell gives the media a well-deserved smackdown

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by DCG

On Friday Ric Grenell participated in a press conference to announce a Serbia, Kosovo, and Israel economic deal. Listen to Ric talk about this agreement below:

At the announcement, a reporter wanted to ask about another issue: the push to decriminalize homosexuality. Because heaven forbid the media actual report about this event. Instead they aim to control the narrative by asking THEIR planned questions to somehow turn it into the story THEY want to create.

Fortunately Ric was having none of that during this historic announcement (listen below).

And libtards’ heads exploded. Witness this tweet from this Vox reporter:

This is the same Aaron who publicly apologized to Greg Gutfield for smearing him as a racist.

I’d say the media DESERVES every smackdown coming their way. They’ve been despicable for the last four years and have EARNED this title:




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