Ridiculous Media Hyperbole – Is It Too Much To Suggest That An Obvious Next Stopping Point Is Dow 18,000?

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by Chris
The hyperbole talking about the deep unfairness of stocks ever, you know, not just going up all the time is both ridiculous and a little bit amusing.
Here’s CNN Money weighing in with their Gree-Fear index and, apparently, we’re almost maxed out.

Only 8 more points and this gauge is out of room!  What happens if we have another 1987 style crash?
I sincerely hope that the folks at CNN have a sense of humor and make their gauge go to -11.
Meanwhile, if we put things into a monthly perspective, it all seems rather overdone in terms of freaking out.

From my perspective the only sin here is that the central banks did not allow the correction that was in place in 2016 to progress normally and their massive printing response created that final massive blow off we are now in the process of chaotically unwinding.
Is it too much to suggest that an obvious next stopping point is Dow 18,000?
Again, for perspective, take a peek at this table:

Thank you central banks!!
For these 19 very large companies, an average revenue ‘growth’ of -25% over a 5-year period lead to an average stock price gain of over 100%.  (wtf?)
Meanwhile debt outstanding grew by almost 100% too.
Yes, these stock price declines are clearly the work of:

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  1. What was experienced on Wall Street today was a massive intervention by the White House and the Fed to keep the casino solvent at least until the twopenny riggers can get their money out before it evaporates completely on Monday.

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