Right at the end of the Obama admin in 2016 the company that built the collapsed bridge was awarded a $66mil project at Guantanimo

“Cuban exile family’s firm wins $66M contract to build Guantánamo base school”
“A family firm of Cuban builders that did work on the Malecón in Havana before the revolution has won a Pentagon contract to build the U.S. Navy’s new state-of-the-art school at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.
Munilla Construction Management LLC of Miami, a Cuban-American family business of 500 employees, beat out an undisclosed second proposal for the $66 million job, to be complete by November 2018, according to the Pentagon. It is the biggest federal contract won by the firm belonging to the six Munilla brothers, aged 57 to 67, said MCM Vice President Alexis Leal in a statement.”
MCM did build the collapsed bridge.
further more about these guys:
“The father ‘stayed, fighting for his country’s freedom, leading covert operations along with the CIA. He was arrested three times, and finally managed to escape the island just ahead of [Fidel] Castro’s henchmen.’ ”