Rising Rates/Credit spreads effects EVERYTHING, SPX Rolling Over, 37% of households’ total financial assets are currently invested in equities.

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Goldilocks Who? 50% More Corporate Credit Downgrades vs Upgrades Q4 17

In a near-ZIRP world, US corporations can’t help but overfeed at the debt trough.

As Default Rates Rise, Banks Hike Debt Interest Rates 1% in 6 Months

“Wall Street banks that charge 15 to 20 percent on credit cards are holding trillions of dollars in FDIC-taxpayer-insured U.S. deposits on which they are paying less than two percent interest.”

Small-Business Hiring Falls to Lowest Level in over 7 Years

Paychex’s Small Business Jobs Index declined 0.02 percent from last month and 0.74 percent from a year earlier.

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