Roaring 20’s or 1930’s? Markets Are Ignoring Global Economic Meltdown

The economy and the stock market are largely disconnected. For some people, life is quite similar. No major changes. Still employed, same hours, same scenario. But for millions, without the ballooning safety net provided by the government, they would starve. The stock market has risen considerably which of course is largely owned by a smaller group of people. Those people are enjoying the appreciation of their assets while the bulk of the population struggles to persist.


U.S. is still in a ‘very significant recession’ despite job gains, Fed’s Rosengren says

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Worries grow over a K-shaped economic recovery that favors the wealthy

Worries grow over a K-shaped economic recovery that favors the wealthy

(13) Sven Henrich on Twitter: “I repeat: New highs in select indices have been highly deceiving. They were driven by a few mega cap stocks. The $XVG index suggests a border market still in a bear market. Based on that measure $SPX would be trading at 2,600 were it not for mega cap expansions in 6/7 stocks.” / Twitter

(13) SentimenTrader on Twitter: “Speculative options trading reached the equivalent of 12% of NYSE volume last week. Like some combustible combo of musical chairs, Russian roulette, and five finger fillet. How many traders can dance upon the head of a pin?” / Twitter

(13) Jesse Felder on Twitter: “‘There are a handful of quant funds pushing around a few stocks in the options markets. The dealers are getting very nervous. How short is the Street gamma? VERY.’ by @Convertbond” / Twitter

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‘The Notion That US Debt Can Ever Be Paid Back is Ridiculous’, Analyst Says – Sputnik International

Robinhood, Schwab Outages Triggered by Apple, Tesla Splits,t%20use%20their%20brokerage%20accounts.

52% of young adults in US are living with their parents amid COVID-19 | Pew Research Center

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Amazon Drivers Say Smartphones-In-Trees Scheme Has Been Thwarted – Bloomberg

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