Robinhood’s Moneymaking Strategy

by vvvelaxtrummm


(a) Create an app which allows “retail investors” with handheld portable computers, to gamble on the Stock Market all day.

(b) Sell the trading data of the retail investors, immediately and in real-time, to the Big Institutions, so they can crunch the numbers and see what exactly these retail customers are doing.

(c) allowing the Big Guys to bet heavily against the Retail Investors, using their trillion-dollar muscle, swiping retail money off the table as our positions all go red and options all expire useless.

(d) Lather, rinse, repeat. Big Institutions take profits from the retail investors, Robinhood gets paid twice (once for customer fees, once for selling the data)

(e) and we, the gambling addicts who think we can “outperform the market” just by guessing right on TSLA and MU, lose all our money.

=== ==== =====

It’s a winning strategy —- Robinhood is now a billion-dollar UNICORN company, it was once just some dumb app.



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