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via theamericanconservative:

Once you start seeing our own culture through the eyes of people who grew up under communism, you can easily observe that the left’s embrace of identity politics — including woke capitalism, academia, news and entertainment media — has already built the cultural and psychological structure for left-wing totalitarianism. What they lack now is political power to write these things into law. Kavanaugh, the Covington Catholic boys, Ralph Northam, and Amelie Wen Zhao — these are all manifestations of what’s to come under the cultural socialism of our new Democrats.

Meanwhile, over at Power Line, Steve Hayward charts “The Laffer Curve of the Left:”

Well, Democrats have gotten over it. They know that the punitive taxes they wish to impose on the super rich won’t generate anywhere close to the revenue needed for their Green New Medicare-for-All Free College and Puppies-for-Everyone Deal, but no problem! We can just print all the money we need!

No, seriously, that’s their plan. The left has not only forgotten about the failure of socialism (okay, yes, yes, they never knew that in the first place, but still); they have apparently forgotten about inflation from monetary indiscipline, too. It’s called “Modern Monetary Theory,” and it says that sovereign debt is good, and that the United States is especially blessed with super-borrowing capacity because the dollar reign supreme. So we should borrow like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, since we’re reliably informed that we only have 12 years lefty to solve climate change, why not?

A lot can go wrong in a decade and change in a socialist administration that prints money like it’s no tomorrow. Just ask the Weimar Republic, where in 1923, this could buy you a loaf of bread — until it couldn’t:



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