ROFL! Due to COVID, NOT RIOTS, ‘It’s Just A Different Place’: The Uncertain Future Of Downtown Minneapolis

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It’s hard to deny that the COVID-19 pandemic has put a stop to the hustle and bustle of downtown Minneapolis.

And as for the future, there’s some bad news and some good news for the biggest city in the Upper Midwest.

Jason Mill works in legal services. He’s one of the few who have been working downtown the whole time.

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“Used to seeing people walking around … before the pandemic. Now the pandemic, it’s just a different place,” Mill said.

Roger Peters works in a financial firm and comes in one day a week.

“I’ll probably never work downtown fulltime again,” Peters said. “Probably the most will be thee, maybe four days a week.”

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Local protests over the murder of George Floyd (sometimes called the Minneapolis riots or Minneapolis uprising) began on May 26, 2020, and quickly inspired a global protest movement against police brutality and racial inequality.–Saint_Paul

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