ROGER SIMON: Pelosi Redefines Hypocrisy and Destroys #MeToo for… Biden?

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But the other unintended victim is something more significant — feminism. We have gone from “Sisterhood is powerful!” to “Screw you, sister!” in a heartbeat, thanks to the first female Speaker of the House.

The irony of all this is that it is happening because of Joe Biden. He is what we used to call in show biz Fifth Business, that is, extraneous. (cf. the Robertson Davies’ wonderful novel with that title). As I wrote earlier, he is the Chauncey Gardner presidential candidate, straight out of Jerzy Kosinksi’s accurately titled novel (and then film) “Being There.”

Or is he the human embodiment of Gertrude Stein’s oft-quoted description of Oakland, Calif.—“There’s no there there”?

If #MeToo and feminism itself can be thrown over to make Joe Biden president, then anything’s possible.

I wonder if any of the 75 staffers at Hachette Book Group’s Manhattan office, who in early March walked out in protest (and apparently kept their jobs) to blacklist Woody Allen’s autobiography (temporarily, as it turned out), thought that #metoo would be dead two months later?

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More: Sexual assault accuser shocked Joe Biden put Chris Dodd on VP committee.

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