ROGER SIMON: Segregation: It’s Bad and It’s Back…. DANIEL GREENFIELD: The Jonestowning of America: When the Democrats claim to care about black lives, they take them in horrifying numbers.

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Segregation: It’s Bad and It’s Back.

The second not-so-hidden intention in all this on the part of both parties—the black separatists and their white social justice acolytes—is, for purposes of their own power, to create racism where it doesn’t exist.

Trying to convince people who aren’t racist that they are is one of the best and most efficient ways imaginable to make them one.

Racism is being manufactured before our eyes across America, indeed across the world.

Segregation is the handmaiden of racism. It makes it go. Keep the races apart and keep them hating each other.

Some of us who were involved in the original civil rights movement remember “Black and white together, we shall not be moved…”. That is no more.

Now it should be written “Black power advocates and SJWs together, we shall overcome some day.” Make that: “We have overcome!”

George Wallace has gotten his wish.

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DANIEL GREENFIELD: The Jonestowning of America: When the Democrats claim to care about black lives, they take them in horrifying numbers.

Dave Patrick Underwood, an African-American Federal Protective Service officer, was shot and killed at the Ronald V. Dellums Building during the radical riots in Oakland, California. A building named after Congressman Dellums is burdened with its own weight of historical complicity in leftist atrocities.

“Let me commend your pastor, Jim Jones, for the dedication he is showing to his community and surrounding areas,” Congressman Dellums once wrote. “And also for impact he makes on members of his congregation.”

At Oakland’s Evergreen Cemetery, some distance from the riots, a plaque over a mass grave reads, “In memory of the victims of the Jonestown tragedy”. The names on the plaque include that of Jim Jones.

Jones, who called cops “pigs” and posed with Huey Newton of the Black Panthers, told his mostly black followers to die horrifyingly of cyanide poisoning to resist the racism of the United States of America.

The white leftist who claimed to uphold the value of black lives killed hundreds of black people.

Radicals call for a reckoning with America’s history. But they have not reckoned with their own history that played out much more recently than 1619. 1970s Jonestown has become their model for America.

Jonestown is much more relevant to what is going on in America now than the current revisionist history of Jamestown embraced by the radicals. And there is no more obvious barometer for the lost reckoning than the plaque which lists Jones as one of the victims of a tragedy, instead of a mass murderer. Calling the socialist massacre a tragedy suggests that Jonestown, like the USSR, was a noble cause that failed.

Talk to lefties of a certain age about Jonestown and they’ll mumble about CIA mind control experiments and FBI COINTELPRO operations against activists who wanted to bring about social change. The mass grave in Oakland, like the mass graves in Cambodia, the USSR, and Communist China, are uncomfortable realities. And while mainstream media narratives don’t go that far, they erase what Jones stood for.

The mad mob scenes in Oakland and across California with the power of the Democrat establishment behind them, the viral videos of white millennials kneeling and confessing their privilege, are the People’s Temple writ large on a nation. Jones, the son of a Klansman, who was inspired by a Communist-allied cult to build a following as a Marxist preacher of interracial brotherhood, joining the California Democrat establishment before going down in flames, has once again become the future.

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