ROGER SIMON: The Senate: Throw Them (Almost) All Out.

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via theepochtimes:

Every single member of the U.S. Senate deserves to be fired, vilified and run out on the proverbial rail except—alphabetically—Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Rick Scott (R-Fla.).

They were the only ones with the honor, the basic morality, not to vote for a wretched, pork-dripping from its mouth, “America-hating” (as Roger Kimball accurately called it on Parler), miserable excuse for a “COVID relief bill” that sends twenty-five million taxpayer dollars to Pakistan for something called “gender programs,” millions more for every liberal arts and humanities boondoggle imaginable (most of them shut anyway), but a miserly six hundred bucks to the terminally-masked citizens of this country who have been locked in their houses since the Paleolithic Age.

And while we’re riding people out on a rail, we should build a special one of titanium or whatever metal is most permanent for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and send them back respectively to the feces and syringe-laden streets of San Francisco and the rat-infested walk-ups of Hunt’s Point and East New York.

These same supposed public servants, who have been around since beforethe aforementioned Paleolithic Age, SUDDENLY—as if discovering shame for the first time in their lives—agreed with Donald Trump that the paltry six hundred should be bumped up to an at least palatable two thousand.

Where were they—and the rest of the senators and congressmen and women who voted for this monstrosity—in the first place?

If your senator or representative wasn’t on the list of no voters, make a note of it and act accordingly.

Sometimes I think the only decent people in this country are those who are labeled “deplorables.” In fact, strike the “sometimes.”

They are the only ones who really stand against the uniparty, of which this bill is a quintessential product, other than “The Squad,” who are reactionary crackpots.

Speaking of which, simultaneous to learning about said bill, I received the draft of a press release from Garland Favorito, an IT expert in Atlanta and co-founder of VoterGA, who is one of the good guys and a true public servant for his work on voter fraud.

Apparently, an emergency lawsuit has been filed against the Fulton County (Atlanta) Elections Director and Elections Board members. That suit alleges a small group of workers at State Farm Arena illegally scanned thousands of secretly hidden mail-in ballots into the election results on election night.

Two affidavits from witnesses attest this scanning began after monitors left because they were told scanning was over for the evening. About 40 minutes after this renewed scanning of hidden ballots was complete, an election line feed showed an unprecedented 100,000+ vote spike that turned the election in favor of Joe Biden.

The lawsuit petitioners, concerned those ballots may be fraudulent, are petitioning to examine them. They contend the ballots were not creased from mailing and made of an unfamiliar card stock.

Previous open records requests have been ignored, and the petitioners further contend the defendants violated their oath of office to prevent fraud.

The State Farm Arena, it should be remembered, was the location of a putative plumbing leak that supposedly shut the venue down.

Turning back to the Senate and the House, with results from all six swing states still unclear, how will the various senators and representatives respond?

Which ones will file an objection to the electoral votes on Jan. 6?

Shouldn’t all those who voted no on the bogus stimulus be on board? Thus far it’s also unclear.

Nevertheless, Rep.-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is optimistic. She apparently orchestrated a meeting on Dec. 22 with President Trump to “get the ball rolling” on the challenges to the election.

And speaking of Georgia: ‘Fantastic reporting!’ CNN’s Jake Tapper is all over the disturbing story about Raphael Warnock allegedly driving car over his ex-wife’s foot.

And by “all over,” our sister site Twitchy means that Tapper simply retweeted somebody else’s tweet on on Warnock. “Ah yes, he’s done his tweet and now he doesn’t need to do anything else! Conservatives now have their crumbs!



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