ROGER SIMON: Whirlwind: It Will Be Worse for Democrats If They Win.

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via theepochtimes:

One thing that will not be happening is conditions in the country getting better. Biden’s economic plans, heavily under the influence of AOC and others from his left he seems terrified of confronting, will only make things worse.

In a short while, the radical groups will be back in the streets again, demanding changes that can never be satisfied short of revolution—and even then, if history is any guide, will continue on Robespierre-style into oblivion.

Critical race theory—again with ninety-nine percent not knowing what the hell it is—will reign, dividing us even more. Many will unfairly be accused of racism and punished severely, in a way eerily similar to what happened to Evgenia Ginzberg for being called a “Trotskyist.”

The limousine liberals of Brentwood, Calif. or Malibu who backed Biden so adamantly, whether as a last resort or not, will be starting to sweat. The revolution will be coming for them.

How could they not have known? DIdn’t they see “Dr. Zhivago”? Some of them may even have helped make it. (Well, maybe not in today’s Hollywood.)

If you think things are bad now, just wait.

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