Ron Johnson – Fauci Was ‘Just Hungry’ for a Universal Vaccine Campaign “They wanted a shot in every arm”

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“ They sabotaged Ivermectin. They sabotaged a host of drugs that were cheap.” “Why do they sabotage that?” he asked. “Because they didn’t want a treatment.”

“Because if you had a treatment, you wouldn’t be able to get an emergency use authorization. And we know from Fauci and Rick Bright … that they were just hungry for a universal vaccine campaign. They thought they’d have to have a pandemic to do that. Well, they got their pandemic, and they were going to make sure they get that universal vaccine program in place.”

Again the timing is purely coincidental…

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C-span October 2019 fauci talks about self assembling nanobots and the need for disruption in order to get a universal flu vaccine to market

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Scroll to around 18 minutes then 40 minutes to listen to fauci but if you can watch the entire video!

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