Ron Paul: The Fed is “Dead Serious” About Cashless Society, Abolishing Private Transactions

Ron Paul: “The Coming Financial Police State”

“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” -Henry Kissinger

For years, I’ve been warning the Fed is dead serious about creating Central Bank Digital Currency.

In 2020, a Washington, D.C. Swamp lobbying front called the “Digital Dollar Project” demanded and got hearings in both houses of Congress. Joe Biden campaigned on supporting the Fed’s “previously announced shift toward a real-time payment system.”

And now that Biden is in the White House, National Public Radio reported the U.S. “is considering a radical rethinking of the dollar for today’s digital world.”

The mass media is being misleading, of course. It’s not just being “considered;” they’re planning and preparing to end private financial transactions completely.

“Using Threats to Grow Resilience. In Every Industry, Every Country, Every Day…One Global Network…Thought Leadership”

Those words are from “marketing” of the global consulting firm that created the “Digital Dollar Project.”

And without your action today – including your signed petition – I’m concerned this Orwellian tempest will prove far worse than anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

We’re talking about the end of private financial transactions altogether . . . government goons knowing where every dollar you make and spend ends up . . . even determining what you can and cannot spend them on!

You want to spend your money on a new shotgun for hunting? I don’t think so because “the world would be a better place without guns” . . . You want to buy a ’68 Mustang to restore it? No way because it’s a gas guzzler that is bad for the environment. The list goes on and on and on. . .

The truth is the statists have no intention of limiting this Orwellian technology to your finances.

So don’t think this isn’t the other side of the coin to Bill Gates’ and Dr. Fauci’s calls for Vaccine Passports.

The authoritarians and their elite pals want nothing less than a complete digital ledger of every citizen’s entire life.

You don’t have to connect many dots to see it.

Here’s what I need you to do:

First, sign your Directive to Congress: Do Not Allow the Fed to Implement Digital Currency!

Then, after you have, please chip in with as generous a contribution as you can afford to help Campaign for Liberty recruit and mobilize more patriots to bring this power grab to a crashing halt!

There’s no question the Biden administration is using global chaos to usher in an Orwellian surveillance state. As Joe Biden himself told a class of graduating elites at Columbia University in 2020:

“From this pandemic, you can remake the world as it should be. To see Covid-19 as the force majeure that compels us to rewrite the social contract.”

And in their eyes, “as it should be” means a world where your money, your job, and your speech are all under TOTAL government Central Bank control.

In other words, a world where we all work for the state (aka Communism)!

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Patriot, ultimately all of this is headed to a world where you and I (and everyone else) are enslaved to a few powerful elites with the means to monitor what we do, say, think, have or don’t have in our bodies.

Tell Congress Right Now: Protect What Is Left of the Integrity of the Dollar; Do Not Allow the Fed to Implement Any Type of Digital Currency!

The Big Government statists in BOTH parties are fully on board with all of this.

Together with the so-called “experts” they peddle familiar talking points, including: “Preserving the Dollar’s hegemony” (ENDLESS WARS); “Serving under-banked minorities, and people of color” (RACIST “EQUITY” SCHEMES); “Preventing the spread of Covid-19” (LOCKDOWNS); and of course, “Protecting us from terrorists and criminals” (TRIED-AND-TRUE TRIPE) In fact, they all but declared you are a criminal if you want to do something radical like keep your financial life private.

They’ll tell you it’s no big deal unless you have something to hide.

That’s no surprise. The Big Government statists in Congress LOVE this scheme to expand their RAW POWER over your life and liberty.

For them, it’s not enough the Fed’s “print now, ask questions later” monetary policy helps them pretend they aren’t destroying the purchasing power of your money.

They want the ability to spend and spend on every boondoggle and bailout put in front of them, without the “hindrance” of the Fed actually having to print the paper dollars they create out of thin air.

So, don’t be fooled by their talking points – they’re nothing more than excuses to RAM through adoption of their Central Bank Digital Currency.

And don’t trust for one second their assurances about “data privacy safeguards” – there likely won’t be a shred of privacy left if this scheme goes through.

Sadly, I’m worried without your action today, there are a handful of elected officials in Congress who should know better who could go along with this scheme if you and I fail to sound the alarm.

So can I count on you to please sign our Directive to Congress to Oppose Any Digital Currency Scheme right away?

And then, please agree to a generous contribution of $10, $25, $50 or more.

I know that might be a lot to ask for. But the looming battle to stop this scheme could prove one of the most important Campaign for Liberty has ever fought.

So won’t you please join me in shouting “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER!” before it’s too late – before the idea of American liberty is nothing more than a distant memory?

Please sign your Directive to Congress to Oppose Any Digital Currency Scheme and pitch in with your most generous gift TODAY!

For liberty,

Dr. Ron Paul Chairman

P.S. It may be their most Orwellian scheme yet – the global elites, Big Government authoritarians, and the banksters at the Federal Reserve are linking arms to impose Central Bank Digital Currency and force you and me onto a so-called “Digital Dollar.”

We’re talking about the end of private financial transactions altogether . . . government goons knowing where every dollar you make and spend ends up . . . even determining what you can and cannot spend them on!


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