Royal/Elite Families Competing to Keep Up With U.S. Above the Rest Trumps?

by Thinker

Well, is it a Camelot “2” or should we call it the “House of Trump” because it is fitting for such a family. Even with all his wives, Donald Trump has shown one thing that Americans haven’t seen in awhile…he keeps his family close. Any man that can have three wives and children from all and keep the peace and radiate love gets triple votes! It has been so long since the American people have had a first family that is very enjoyable to watch and admire for all they do. No, the Trump family is perfect, but they have come the closest to the most perfect family the White House has ever had. For sure the most transparency ever in the history of any president is coming from Donald Trump.

American Royals: Rise of the Trump Monarchy

Thanks to Donald Trump’s dynastic planning, the United States will finally beat the British at the royalty glitz game. Move over, William and Kate. The Trump family clan has a plan. Americans will no longer cede the fame, glory and global attention of the royal beat to the British. Being beaten by the British on such productions as “royal weddings” and “royal baby births,” which are an interesting cross between Disney and Hollywood, has long been a matter of great shame for the United States.

Thanks be to Mr. Trump

Proud American nationalists should be grateful to the Trump family clan that it has a business plan to put Kate and William into their proper place. The family is willing to tolerate the British version as a kind of European sidekick to the main American royal show – also perhaps as a substitute if the real American royals can’t make it on some occasion. Just don’t mistake the outline of the Trumps’ plan for political trivia or society gossip. In all seriousness, there is a real plan behind it.

The rival claimants

In true Trumpian fashion, the main goal of this plan is domestic in nature — to slay the rival putative U.S. political dynasties: the Clinton’s, the Bushes and the Kennedy’s. But mainly the Clinton’s. This will happen by:…nca-jared/

Melania Trump is the first Catholic First Lady since Jackie Kennedy, But Will Exceed Her In Love From the American People.

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A mother, stepmother, wife, and first lady, Melania Trump is more than any American could have ever imagined having for a first lady. Yes, Americans have a lot to hold their heads up and be proud of when they look at the first family/USA Royalty! Wherever they go, the Trump’s have captivated the world and the love for this family is growing with every day Donald Trump is president. They are America’s Royal family and as their popularity grows, they are now being invited into royal circles that they already exceed. The Trump family is America’s royal family and their words and actions are sending them to the very top of “ALL” families and names. The “House of Trump” is and will never lose the place it is choosing to be in…number #ONE!!!

White House aides have reportedly given President Trump’s elder daughter a new nickname: “Princess Royal.” According to Vanity Fair, aides have started calling Ivanka Trump the nickname behind her back in a jab at her prominence in her father’s administration.…yal-report

White House aides couldn’t be more right referring to Ivanka as Princess, because she exceeds every princess I’ve seen in elegance and beauty with the exception of Princess Diana. If you want to put Ivanka Trump in a the same category as another in all that she does, wears, and mothering, the only one who she can be compared to is Princess Diana the mother of Prince William and Harry. Ivanka has as much as Diana ever did and maybe more. Those that continue to make her question her motherhood, clothing, or actions are those who are jealous. You can’t train even a princess to have the poise and grace that seems to come naturally for all the Trump women, even in the children. Ivanka’s children exceed the expectations of royal kids, and shine with behavior that shows the time the parents have spent with them. Happy kids filled with the love of a family that America can call their own royals.

Trump’s Rule & Have the Best Smiles!…-children/

Look at the Trump family and you can see in all the children and grandchildren the way they have been raised. Trump kids, especially Ivanka could give a royal or two some training on etiquette. Only thing missing that doesn’t make the Trump women Queens and princesses are crowns, but in the eyes of many Americans, they are always wearing them. May our Creator bless and keep this family safe and surrounded by the love from Americans who see them as their own royal family. Thanks be to “God” for the Divine intervention that has changed the course of world.

Washington (CNN)It was a small moment, buried in the news of President Trump’s brief audience yesterday at the Vatican with the Pope: the pontiff blessed first lady Melania Trump’s rosary. After shaking his hand and exchanging pleasantries, the first lady held her rosary beads in her left hand, extended to Pope Francis, who then blessed them, bending to make the sign of the cross, placing his right hand over hers. The entire exchange took less than 10 seconds, but for a Catholic, a blessing of beads by the Pope is a pinnacle of holy ceremony. There has been little doubt about the veracity of Trump’s faith; in February, in her first public remarks as first lady, she opened her introduction to the president at a Florida rally by unexpectedly saying, “Let us pray,” to the crowd, and then reciting the Lord’s Prayer.…index.html

Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Refusing To Meet President Trump After Boycotts And Threats In The U.K.

Queen Elizabeth II has sat down with just about every President of the United States from Dwight Eisenhower to Barack Obama, but it doesn’t sound like Donald Trump will be joining that list just yet. Trump plans on visiting England in 2018, but downgraded the trip to an informal affair after threats and boycotts in the U.K. According to W Magazine, Prime Minister Theresa May’s invitation to Trump sparked protests and boycotts across the country. John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, even declared that Trump will not speak to the legislature. In light of the negative reaction, the Trump administration changed it from a state visit to a working visit. A state visit would have meant a sit down with Queen Elizabeth to:…n-the-u-k/


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