RUSH: Adam Schiff hasn’t been telling the truth about anything since Trump was elected.

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via rushlimbaugh:

RUSH: It’s the fastest three hours in media, Rush Limbaugh, doing play-by-play of the news, one of my primary responsibilities, correcting the unending array of lies and distortions reported as news by the Drive-By Media.

Let me give an example. To show you just how on the ridiculous this is, the transcript of the phone call between President Trump and the president of Ukraine has been released. What we are getting, all of these witnesses who’ve shown up before Schiff’s little Stalin show trial exercise are just telling us their opinions of it. That’s all they’re doing. And those opinions are then being reported as hard, cold fact.

The transcript itself is almost being used as irrelevant evidence whereas the opinion of people who were on the call is more important. And, in fact, people who were not on the call, like William Taylor and Yovanovitch, the first two witnesses, were not on the call, their opinions of it are being reported as fact, and the transcript itself is being ignored.

In the transcript, there is no quid pro quo, there is no threat, there’s no request to dig up information or make it up. Yet that’s what the chairman of this committee, Adam Schiff, is saying. Adam Schiff hasn’t been telling the truth about anything since Trump was elected. Adam Schiff has lied about Trump-Russia collusion. He has said that he has incontrovertible evidence of it. He has never produced it because there isn’t any.

He lied on the Kavanaugh situation. He was a full-fledged believer in every lie told about Judge Kavanaugh. And he got on that train and continued to lie, and he’s lying now about the phone call between Trump and Zelensky. He said that the president asked Zelensky eight or nine times to dig up dirt, to make it up, and not to get back to him, the president, until he had found some of that, that dirty evidence. And then he threatened to withhold aid, Schiff said.

None of that happened. The transcript exists as the fact of the phone call. The transcript is being ignored, the media doesn’t talk about it. They talk about every witness and those witnesses’ opinions. And every one of these witnesses is from the deep state foreign policy interagency group. Some are at the State Department, some are at the NSA, some are at the CIA, some are ambassadors, part of the State Department ambassadorial corps.

And that makes up the interagency group, and they’re simply upset that Trump was doing all this without their counsel and advice, that Trump was doing this by going around them, that Trump was doing this by not using them, the deep state. So they have testified that their opinion is that Trump was doing a quid pro quo, and their opinion is that this is unseemly what the president did. Except the opinion is being reported as fact because these witnesses are all told us by the media that they’re unassailable, we can’t question them. Their integrity is beyond reproach. You don’t dare doubt them.


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