Rush Limbaugh: Fire and Fury and Fake: Michael Wolff's reference to me is 100% false… The Trump Dossier: The biggest political scandal of my lifetime

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Rush Limbaugh: The Trump Dossier: The Biggest Political Scandal of My Lifetime (Biggest in History)

RUSH: David in Pekin, Illinois. Glad you waited, sir. How’s it going?
CALLER: Pretty good. You?
RUSH: Could not be better.
CALLER: Great. This is a longtime listener, second-time caller.
RUSH: Happy to have you here. That’s good. That’s cool. Thank you.
CALLER: My question, and I was told by Mr. Snerdley to get right to the point. If the Trump dossier —
RUSH: Well, wait a minute. What would you do if you didn’t get straight to the point?
CALLER: Well, I’d like to chat a little while.
RUSH: Well, then do that. What do you want to chat about?
CALLER: Okay. Well, I’ve been a longtime listener and I’ve always been trying to get in from time to time. Last time I talked to you I told you how my dad got converted by listening to you from a lifelong Democrat to a Republican just by tuning in to you. Had nothing to do with me.
RUSH: That’s amazing. That’s amazing. Well, you had something to do with it.
CALLER: You know, he found you on the radio on his own, and I repeated the story a year ago. He kept saying, “Who’s this Rush Limbaugh, that blowhard?” But he never missed a show. He’s passed on now, but the last time he voted, ’cause he’s legally blind, I went and got his voter registration card or his absentee ballot, and I said, “Well, Dad, who do you want to vote for? And he goes, “Vote me straight Republican.” And I said, “Well, Dad, I applaud your attitude.”
RUSH: Yeah, that had to be great news for you. That was a way to go out.
CALLER: I said, “You always voted Democrat.” And he says, “Well, I was wrong.”
RUSH: And all it took was a little exposure to this program?
CALLER: That’s right. Well, he never missed a program. He had a radio, you know, a transistor radio. He was out in the garden, he was listening to you.
RUSH: Absolutely. Well, that’s great. Now, what was the point that you called about?
CALLER: Well, I always wondered, you know, this Trump dossier, I mean, that was what was used supposedly to get the FISA warrant. Now, if that is subsequently proven to be a fake and paid for by the Clinton Foundation, wouldn’t everything that has been found out so far by the Mueller special investigation, whether it was true or not — (unintelligible) wouldn’t that have to be thrown out as fruit of the poison tree?
RUSH: You know, this is actually, in legal terms, this is a fascinating, fascinating question. Because while we all think and we’re all confident that the dossier — well, we know the dossier was bought and paid for by Clinton. And we know that it was disseminated by Clinton associates. And we know that it was turned over by the FBI and they saw it.
But proving that it was the only thing they used, man, it would be tough. But people have written about this. I have opined that if, as you describe it, all of this that happened is totally illegitimate. It’s all based on something that did not happen that isn’t. This is not legitimate intelligence. We have been hoaxed.

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  1. Did Mushy Limplog ever find that missing Viagra pill he “lost” on Vacation (at a known Child-Sex Tourism Island) a few years ago? MAGA!

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