Rush Limbaugh: The Target of the rotten Bill was YOU. Get you to stop supporting Trump

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To stop Trump’s rising approval ratings

To overturn the 2016 election results

36 min in if you want it fast, otherwise listen to the whole show

To show you that nothing will get done if you support President Trump

The bill is part of the ongoing coup

To create hate – the Smollet farce is part of it – to portray Trump supporters as hateful

That’s exactly spot on, I said it yesterday before he even gave his speech


Rush has nailed it.

“The objective is still to drive President Trump’s approval numbers as low as they can. That remains their objective, and they’re panicking when they see him at 52% at Rasmussen, 45% at CNN. They are panicking. It’s the exact opposite of what they want to happen. When they come up with a piece of legislation — both parties — like this budget deal that they wanted him to sign, this is part of a coup. This is part of the ongoing effort to get rid of him. “

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…there are a lot of Republicans in the House and Senate who still qualify as Never Trumpers.

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Yep, 78.8 percent of Republican traitors who vote against Trump.

Rush: “I firmly believe that what members of Congress (both parties) actually want with this bill is to send a message that nothing is ever gonna happen as long as Donald Trump is president.”

By now everyone here should realize nothing is ever going to happen with the rotten Congressional lying two-faced traitors creating bills that personally benefit them both financially and via more power to make American taxpayer’s lives more miserable.

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