RUSH: The best way to understand what’s happening in America today is to go out and learn about the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

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RUSH: I’ve got a piece I just want to give you a heads-up on at The Federalist. It’s by John Daniel Davidson. “The Struggle Sessions Are Here, And They’re Not Going Away.”

And the best way to understand what’s happening in America today is to go out and learn about the Chinese Cultural Revolution. That is what is underway. That’s what the American left’s model for all of this that’s going today and the attempt to re-indoctrinate the way everybody thinks, to get everybody going and apologizing for being whatever they are and for kneeling down, the Chinese Cultural Revolution. I’ll give you a little head start on that with the aid of this piece as the program unfolds.


RUSH: I mentioned earlier that I want to share with you elements of a column today that runs at The Federalist: “The Struggle Sessions Are Here, and They Are Not Going Away.” It’s by John Daniel Davidson.

The subheadline is: “The left’s multi-decade project to teach everyone that America is irredeemably racist has led to the emergence of a new regime in American life,” and, by the way, it is. He’s right. It’s a “multi-decade project.” This is an ongoing effort to teach everybody that America is… When he says “irredeemably,” that is exactly right.

We cannot fix America. We cannot overcome the original sins — and, by the way, they are not just slavery. Practically everything the white Founding Fathers implemented in the founding of this country is unjust and immoral precisely because they were white Founding Fathers. But the key point is that as far as… That’s why Mattis going out here talking about Trump’s not even trying to unify is so stupid.

It’s just stupid. It’s ignorant. These people don’t even see the crisis that they face along with us! They don’t even see it. They don’t even see that there is a movement… He talks about Trump tearing up the Constitution? These people want to! These people are not gonna stop until they do. America is “irredeemably,” meaning uncorrectably. We cannot fix it.

Even reparations would not fix it. “Decades of indoctrination in the public schools and even colleges,” ’cause that’s where your young daughters are coming home with all these newfangled ideas and say changing your mind, Dad. “Decades of indoctrination in the public schools and the colleges has led to this moment.”

Many parents, many parents I’ve talked to, they could see this moment coming. They could see this happening. They just didn’t say anything. They were hoping something would stop it. They were hoping some election would stop it. They were hoping that this would end up short of the mark. But there are so many people who have seen this full-fledged effort to transform America. They were silent. They thought they had no voice. They thought if they spoke up they would be all alone, they would somehow be harmed.

So about the only thing they could do was homeschool, pull their kids out of public school and just homeschool ’em. That’s about it. They didn’t feel comfortable speaking up or opposing it. Now, if you’re not sufficiently woke, you can lose your job, you can lose anything else that the woke crowd wants to take away from you.

And Mr. Davidson at The Federalist writes that: “The model at work here is the Chinese Cultural Revolution, with its mass ‘struggle sessions’ in which anyone deemed insufficiently sympathetic to the proletariat -” you know what the proletariat is? Gotta use these Marxist terms. The proletariat’s the working class, the exploited ones, the ones taken advantage of. And it’s all made up. Struggle sessions’ in which anyone deemed insufficiently sympathetic to the proletariat -” if you don’t care about the working class, “Or thought to have an excessively bourgeois lifestyle,” that’s middle class and upper class, then you were “subjected to public humiliations, paraded through the streets, assaulted, denounced, and put on display as objects of scorn. Often these struggle sessions ended in false confessions,” that they were guilty of whatever the Chinese Communist Party was accusing them of being.

They would confess to it. They would plead. They would beg for mercy. It’s happening now. I just shared with you the story. There’s this YouTube streamer streaming video forcing white girls to their knees because of white privilege.


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RUSH: I have a question, ladies and gentlemen. Do you think that the ChiComs have noticed all of the kneeling out there to appease the rioters and the looters? Do you think the ChiComs have noticed this? (interruption) Okay, I agree with you. I think they have too, and I’m gonna guess that the ChiComs are not interpreting Americans kneeling to appease the rioters as evidence of great strength and resolve.

I don’t think the ChiComs see it that way. The ChiComs who are looking at this, and they’re probably scratching their heads saying, “What the hell? We’ve been more successful than we knew!” Now we’ve got… (chuckles) Now we’ve a serious movement in Los Angeles and other places to defund police departments. Think the ChiComs have noticed that?

I’m gonna tell you what. If you can defund the police department, it ain’t gonna be long and it ain’t a big stretch ’til you start getting serious again about defunding the military — and then what’s James Mattis gonna say? I mean, the left has wanted to defund the military for as long as I’ve been alive.


RUSH: Here’s Dave in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Welcome, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega dittos. God bless you and thoughts and prayers for you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I wanted to go ahead and bring up a point quickly. I think that I would be voicing the majority of conservative opinion when I say that I believe that the majority of African-Americans attending these rallies — not rallies, I’m sorry, protests. Be it if they kind of disintegrate into riots —

RUSH: They are rallies. In fact, that’s a good way to look at ’em. They’re Democrat versions of rallies. They can’t do what Trump does. It’s as close as they can get.

CALLER: That’s true. But whether they remain peaceful or they disintegrate into riots, I believe that the majority of African-Americans are there in some semblance of good faith wanting to go ahead and advance, you know, what they see as a problem. However, I believe that the rioting factions are mostly constituted of, you know, Millennial, middle to upper class white, not all white, but majority of white —

RUSH: You think a majority of the violence makers, a majority of the looters and all this are actually white, wealthy, middle class Millennials?

CALLER: I think so. I ran across an article today that was written yesterday in a local publication here in Durham called Indy Week. And it said that over the weekend most of the protests in Durham, North Carolina, which has a higher constitution of African-Americans by population versus Raleigh, North Carolina, which is kind of —

RUSH: Well, I’ve run out of time. I misjudged. I thought I had a minute more than I’ve got, but you’re making an assessment based on what you read there in North Carolina. A lot of people, surprisingly, have advanced this theory to me, that most of the real trouble making is being done by wealthy, white Millennials.




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