Russia Appeals to US/NATO to Stop Sending Mercenaries and Weapons to the Ukraine

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by Chris Black

Reason is meaningless in dealing with decadent psychopaths & committed retards high on ideology that justifies their corruption.

The whole point of this exercise is to turn Ukraine into Afghanistan so that the West hits a speed bump on its free fall.

Russia is changing strategy and moving towards a protracted war.

Now there is no task to take Kiev, as the Russian army will create an operational encirclement, break up the Armed Forces of Ukraine in one sector of the front and move on to the next, while destroying military infrastructure and warehouses in Western Ukraine with missiles.

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After the fall of Mariupol, the Russian army will surround the eastern front and Kharkov, while an operation to capture Odessa and Nikolaev will be prepared in parallel.

Fight and die for Globohomo.


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