Russia Buys 1 Million Ounces Of Gold In February – Become Your Own Central Bank

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by GoldCore

– Russia adds another 1,000,000 ounces (31.1 tons) to gold reserves in February
– Russia’s gold reserves now 2,149 tons; 5th largest gold reserves in the world
– Central bank of Russia buys all of Russian domestic gold production
– Russia views gold bullion as “100% guarantee from legal and political risks”
– As Brexit and other more significant financial risks such as Basle III loom, it is time
– Time to take power back from the financial and monetary system by becoming your own central bank (Goldnomics podcast)

Russia continues to add to its gold reserves and added another 1,000,000 ounces in February or 31.1 metric tonnes. Most analysts believe this buying will continue and may intensify in the coming months. Since 2007, we have clearly said that this would happen as currency wars deepen.

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The latest large increase in Russia’s gold reserves has again gone largely unnoticed by most analysts except James Rickards – see tweet below.

Indeed, the important monetary and geopolitical ramifications continue to be largely ignored in western media.

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Time To Take Power Back From The System by Becoming Your Own Central Bank – Goldnomics Podcast

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– Our human built economic systems are dependent on the environment and ecology of the planet is threatened and in crisis
– Long held belief paradigms are being questioned and in crisis
– Old systems are collapsing in the age of information as we enter a new era of consciousness
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