How Russia’s Economy Shields Itself From Western Sanctions

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Russia also has a big part of “grey zone” economy going which is never calculated into any stats. Roughly speaking russian demographics split into 70% city population and 30% rural population. It is known that about 60% of russian city population owns one or even multiple “dachas” (houses with a piece of land in rural areas). Those dachas are known to have gardens with fruits and vegetables, which russians consume yearly, especially in summer.
If you live in a village most probably you’ll own a so called “potato field” attached to your land. From my expereince almost every villager grows his own vegetables and basic food products. Having a couple of chicken for eggs and casual chicken soup is also pretty common.
You can’t find a russian man who doesn’t fish, especially when he is over 40 years old. Going fishing on weekends is like a national tradition. Neither of all those foods is EVER calculated in any stats. And this is only a small part of it… What about all those Uncle Vanyas with their own garages who repair your tractors, change your tires or hammer back to life all those old ass Lada Nivas? What about all those adolescent girls who babysit their little brothers and sisters together with their friends? They don’t even get paid for this, it is considered a family duty…

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