Russia Sputnik Vaccine Failure Costs 800 Lives Each Day

Russia surprised and alarmed the scientific community in August 2020 by being the first country to register a vaccine, Sputnik V. Doctors pointed out that this vaccine had not completed any clinical trials and its approval and subsequent offering to other countries seemed to be a purely political action.

Fast forward to summer 2021 and those doctors had sadly been proved right as the Russian vaccine program has collapsed with 800 deaths every day……021-07-16/

MOSCOW, July 16 (Reuters) – Russia on Friday reported 799 coronavirus-related deaths, the most in a single day since the pandemic began and the fourth day in a row it has set a record.

and Russia becoming the first country in the world to mandate a vaccine.…b677cb4c38

Sadly it won’t do any good as the vaccine has proved ineffective.…ry/russia/

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With other countries that tried Sputnik V vaccine also suffering catastrophically high death tolls like Argentina and also Brazil, Hungary and San Marino, three countries in the top 10 of deaths per capita from covid.

Putin has tried and failed to play vaccine diplomacy with the Sputnik V vaccine and the Russian people have to pay a high price for it in lives.


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