“Russiagate” As The WMD Of This Generation

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by SP

A magician reaches into his hat and pulls out a rabbit.  Where there was nothing, suddenly there is something.

The oligarchy wants a war.  Suddenly there is a humanitarian crisis or vast stockpiles of WMDs that must be found by military action to “protect the people.”  The oligarchy never lanches a war to kill or plunder–only to protect.  All bombing is done with kindness.

It was well known in certain circles that Trump was a puppet of Putin (satire piece). That Russia controlled the USA.  That the elections were “hacked.” (and here)   Then Russian elite cyber-espionage teams attacked the Vermont power grid.

Then Glenn Greenwald published the 10 most famous (and stupid) “Russia attacked us” stories that then fell apart.

1.  RT hacked C-Span.

2.  Russian hackers took down the Vermot Power Grid.

3.  PropOrNot declares that non-MSM news sites are Russian Propaganda Outlets.  Washington Post declares that Russian operatives have massively infiltrated the internet.

4.  CNN reported that Trump aide Anthony Scaramucci was involved with the Russian Direct Investment Fund, under Senate investigation.

5.  Russia attacked US diplomats (spies) at the Cuban Embassy using a sonic weapon.

6. Trump created a secret internet server to communicate with a Russian bank.

7.  Paul Manafort visited Julian Assange in the Ecudorian Embassy three times (and nobody noticed.)

8.  CCN explicity lied about Lanny Davis being the source of a story that would also be found to be a lie–that Trump knew in advance of the Trump Tower meeting.

9.  Mueller has internal emails and witness statements proving that Trump directed Cohen to lie to congress.

10. Donald Trump Jr was offered advanced access to the wikileaks emails.


The dependability of the press as a source of good information took a beating.  It was clear to most who can think:  they were lying to us.

Mueller uncovers bribery, prostitution, hush money and secret deals for financial gain.  And above all, *lying to the FBI.*   But no Russian collusion, no control by Putin, no hacking of the US voting system, no control of the USA by Russian-bots.  The Russian collusion aspect was a ruse that permitted a witch hunt to find dirt.  And it distracted from the way that the pro-Hillary faction of the DNC swung the democratic primary away from Bernie Sanders.

But Trump is such a disagreeable guy that we want to believe that he is dirty, not just in the political double-dealing way, but in the treason way.  So we kind of accept it.

Matt Taibbi explains:

Taibbi: It’s Official – ‘Russiagate’ Is This

Generation’s WMD

Matt Taibbi sums it up.  This is the place where the latest generation learns that the press actively  shapes public perception, but is not nearly as concerned with reporting what is true.


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