“Russian hate” is actually a Chinese psyop

by Stellballrun


Think about it. The Cold War is over. Russia poses absolutely no threat to the USA. They are a poor country in which Putin needs to take from the 3 cities actually producing a profit and split it between 120 million peasants living in Siberia. And yet people all over reddit (see the announcement today) are acting like Stalin is alive and wanting to destroy the entire world. Election meddling from Russia is peanuts compared to the USA literally selecting leaders of other countries. Russia poses no threat. China is the big threat to the US.

Again, in my view, Russia is actually a strategic ally of the United States because it’s not Russia who is powerful, it’s China. In 76 Nixon went to China to contain Russia, who at the time was a superpower. China seeks to prevent the same thing happening to them now. So the Chinese who own reddit (look into Tencent reddit investment) take it upon themselves to push this theory online and also in Hollywood and the media. As a result, Trump cannot overtly make alliances with Putin now without jeopardizing his second term election. Comments welcome.