Russian Ministry of Defence Briefing

by Chris Black

For whom it may concern.

The Russian Armed Forces have occupied the villages of Novomikhailovka (Novomykhailivka), Novogrovka (Novohorivka), and Lyubimovka (Lyubymivka) in the southern countryside of Zaporozhye (Zaporizhya).

The Donetsk militia captured Primorskoe (Prymorsk), Priazovskoe (Pryazovske), and Berdyansk in the Zaporizhya province.

The Lugansk militia captured Kremennaya (Kreminna), Varvarovka (Varvarivka), and Borovenky in the Lugansk region, and Torskoe (Torske) and Krasnyi Lyman in the Donetsk region.

Note: The Lugansk people’s militia is now deep in the Ukrainian rear and a stone’s throw from Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. Do not expect the Ukrainian front in Donbass to hold much longer.

The Russian Army has advanced in the Zaporozhya region, capturing the town of Kamyanske (Kamenka), less than an hour from the city.

1800 hours – 2 March 2022 – Boris Rozhin

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Mariupol is surrounded, but all fighting is taking place on its outskirts. There has not been a direct assault yet; negotiations on the exit of civilians are still ongoing. But the city will be stormed regardless.

Lugansk province: The Ukrainians are preparing to withdraw from Severodonetsk and Lisichansk.

Kharkov province: The Russian armed forces are advancing towards Izyum. After Izyum, they’ll take Slavyansk. It is very likely that this will cause the encirclement and liquidation of parts of the Ukrainian army.

East of Kiev: Reinforcements continue to arrive at Brovary, but there are no operations yet. Sumy, Chernigov, Konotop, and Akhtirka are still besieged.

West of Kiev: Russian reinforcements are arriving.

Kherson was quiet today after being fully captured yesterday.

The second round of negotiations will be held tomorrow.



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