Russian Propagandists Are Saying Disneyland Workers Cant Afford Basic Needs

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But it’s true! I worked for the Mouse for 23 years at disneyland. They notoriously underpay and they do hire out of country Phillipeno nationals and pay them less to do the same job other disney Cast members are doing. The disney company: we produce disney female SJW feminazi princess-wannabes, soy boys with moobs, encouraging fucked up children from bad family upbringings, pedophiles by the dozens at our parks, studios, and stores, and we love to create movies filled with gender daming references, beastiality, scatological side jokes, bad parents, ineffective men, manipulative women, that we pander to the sleeping, ignorant public that we focus on: the fat, ugly, vapid obese Annual pASSholder grunts that populate the park with their bratty hordes of fat children that stink and wear disney garb, fawn over low brow entertainment, gush over every new reskinning of an Attraction, buy into ethnic movies clearly filled with racist undertones, and demand that disney Cast Members wipe their noses, assholes, and sweat while the scream for their disney rights as pASSholders. Screw that. disney underpays everyone but the sexual perverts and those in high control. Learn the truth. Ask anyone that worked for them at the parks or their cruise ships. disney is such a shitty company they do not deserve to even have a capital letter.
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2 thoughts on “Russian Propagandists Are Saying Disneyland Workers Cant Afford Basic Needs

  1. SCOTUS says government is not obligated to protect individuals, i.e. self-defense is a personal responsibility.
    Using such logic, providing the basics of life should also be a personal responsibility!

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