Russian Soldier Filmed Saying That the War in the Ukraine is for the Future of the White Race

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by Chris Black

This is a pretty common sentiment among Russians, and it isn’t becoming any less common. 

Russia’s Foreign Minister Dmitri Medvedev effectively said it when he was asked in an interview last month if “Russia is European” – he answered “yes, Russia is more European than Europe.”

With a group of soldiers gathered around a campfire, ostensibly somewhere in the Ukraine, one man says:


This fucking war, guys – just so you fucking get it – is not a war for the Ukraine. It’s not a war for gas, for furs, or for NATO – fuck, not even for Crimea, not for any of that shit. This is a war for the future of the white race, for the future of white civilization, for the future of white Russia. If we fucking lose, that’s it. There will be no more Russia – fuck – no more of our civilization. The white – fuck, it will be the end of all white civilization on the planet. Because we are the only ones left! Because the ones that once said before, like “we are the white race!”, like white Europe, white America – where are they now?

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Arabs, fucking niggers, chinks – they’re seeping through every fucking hole. Even fucking faggots of all kinds. Fucking men in dresses, fuck, sucking niggers’ dicks. What’s all that for? Where’s the white race? Where’s the pure white blood? Nowhere! And that’s why the world will be ours. That’s why. That’s why it’s all happening now. We’re the last stronghold of the what man. This war is for our blood, for our genetics, a war so that our great nation continues to exist. So that the great white Russia lives on. So that there’s a future for the white man. This is what we’re fighting for. So yes, only the white Russian man, a mighty warrior, can fucking build the glorious Russian empire. To save the future, so that on this planet the white race continues to exist. That’s our mission!

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That’s why we’re here. Not fucking Kiev, not any of that bullshit. For a Russian Russia, a white Russia for Russians.

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