Elizabeth Warren didn’t think she could beat Hillary, so that is how weak she is. I think Trump is very beatable, but Warren has not a chance.

Elizabeth Warren is in.

Yesterday, I opined that if Elizabeth Warren runs for president, she will face a steep uphill climb. Today, it looks like she intends to embark on that climb.

The Boston Globe reports that Warren announced she is “exploring” a run for the presidency in 2020. She plans, according to a campaign source, to ramp up her operation right away, with travel to early primary states expected soon.

With Warren “exploring” — running, in effect — we can expect a large contingent of hopefuls to follow suit soon. As the Globe puts it, “the former Harvard law professor is likely to come up against numerous candidates beating the same drums of economic fairness.” This represents “a marked departure from 2016, when left-leaning grass-roots groups were hungry for Warren to take on the more establishment Hillary Clinton in the primary as their candidate.” Now, says the Globe some, perhaps much, of that hunger is for other candidates.

By November 2020, it may be that any Democrat can beat President Trump. In that case, conservatives should hope that Warren is not the Democrats’ nominee. There isn’t much space to the left of Warren in the Democratic Party.

On the other hand, it may turn out that no Democrat can beat Trump. It that case, it won’t matter much whom the Democrats nominate, though it’s possible that Warren would drag down a few more Democrats than some of the other contenders would.

ELIZABETH WARREN FOR PRESIDENT?: Yikes. This article exposing her bogus research on bankruptcy should have been enough to sink her political ambitions back in 2006. But it wasn’t.

I would say that she doesn’t have a chance. But I said that about Barack Obama and Donald Trump, so I don’t exactly have my finger on the pulse of American politics.

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THOSE WHO CAN’T DO, TEACH. THOSE WHO CAN’T TEACH BECOME UNION LEADERS: Poor Randi Weingarten. She declared the United Federation of Teachers’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton without a union vote (“Shut up” she explained) and is now performing electoral cunnilingus on Elizabeth Warren. Except her skills in writing clearly leave something to be desired:

Heh. Mrs. Krababble would be proud.


Elizabeth Warren Announces Candidacy with 4 Minutes of Empty Platitudes and Worn Out Progressive Jibber Jabber

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