Sam’s Club Conversion Closings, Walmart, FEMA SECRETS EXPOSED

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by Thinker

ll the places where the stores are closing, what other events have happened in these areas that have made national news. There are those who have conspired against the sitting president, but it is the deep state board of Walmart that Hillary Clinton was on. Is Sam’s Club/Walmart supporting the sitting president Donald Trump, or are they still supporting Hillary Clinton? What is inside the closed Walmart’s? Does anyone know? What happened to all the flood victims of Houston and Puerto Rico? Thousands were evacuated, where are they now? Inspector Generals report spilling the truth that may not be wanted? Preparations for another John F. Kennedy repeat with a vice president moving in? Whose got the presidents back? How many are conspiring against him? Eyes open citizens! Your president, family, nation need your prayers for love and unity. Peace comes with truth, and Donald Trump wants Americans to have what the past administrations doesn’t. Why? Walmart basements? Cities below your feet? Refugees for resettlement camps? Homeless missing? Project 908? Pedophiles want their power back? Who will support them? Coup on sitting president of the U.S.? What does the President of the United States Donald Trump really know?

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