San Francisco plans more homeless tent cities – in 20 school playgrounds and in city parks!

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Never think that the people running San Francisco have run out of stupid ideas.

Even though students aren’t back on campus in any meaningful fashion, due to Wuhan coronavirus fears, the ever-wise elected officials are getting ready to expand their list of “sanctioned” tent encampment areas to include more than 20 schools and multiple parks and recreation sites – including a parking lot at an oceanfront park.

Homelessness is surging, the San Francisco Supervisors say, so they need to do something. What, did the addicts ruin all the hotels you turned over to them at the beginning of the pandemic? Have you thought about a big reason WHY homelessness is surging (pandemic exacerbates mental health problems) and, I dunno, maybe address that with the Governor?

But, I digress.

So, let’s get this straight. They’re scared to send students back to school because there’s a slim chance one of them might catch the ‘rona or that they’ll be an asymptomatic carrier and kill grandma, but are totally okay putting an encampment filled with drug addicts and people with untreated serious mental illness, who practice zero personal hygiene and might be spreading serious infectious diseases, right there on the playground?

As San Francisco resident Erica Sandberg, who advocates for sane solutions to the homelessness problem in the city, says, the answer to that is, “No. Absolutely no,” followed by, “I will fight this with every fiber of my being….know this: you will not win.”


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