San Francisco Retailer: ‘The Mayor and Her Entire Team Should Resign’

San Francisco has already been suffering a surge in shoplifting, thanks in part to the statewide Proposition 47 of 2014, which made thefts up to $950 mere misdemeanors, which local prosecutors are more reluctant to pursue.

…Retailers who already suffered looting in the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 have had enough, and are speaking out against the left-wing Mayor and other public officials who have failed to protect them. The San Francisco Chronicle reported:

“The mayor and her entire team should resign,” said John Chachas, whose family owns luxury retailer Gump’s on Post Street in Union Square. “You can’t really run a retail enterprise if you have to board up the windows five weeks before the critical Christmas selling season.”

Gump’s is re-evaluating being in San Francisco, said Chachas, the company’s chairman and CEO.

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“The fact that the city can’t maintain sufficient order that businesses can operate (in) without fear of being damaged,” he said, leaves him to conclude that officials may have “no understanding of the concept of how an orderly city is necessary for commerce to function.” That means “we can’t operate a business. … “So we will evaluate our options to be elsewhere unless this nonsense ends.”



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