San Francisco wants to ban employee cafeterias to FORCE everyone to “eat lunch with the rest of us”

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A proposal introduced Tuesday to ban employee cafeterias in future San Francisco office buildings represents more than an effort to boost the city’s restaurant scene, backers say.

“People will have to go out and (eat) lunch with the rest of us,” Aaron Peskin, a San Francisco supervisor who co-sponsored the proposal, told The San Francisco Examiner.

“This is also about a cultural shift,” Supervisor Ahsha Safai, who proposed the ban, told The San Francisco Chronicle. “We don’t want employees biking or driving into their office, staying there all day long and going home. This is about getting people out of their office, interacting with the community and adding to the vibrancy of the community.”

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So, now the left is telling me where I can and cannot eat? If I want to bring my lunch and stay in my cubicle, that’s not “allowed” now? So anyone that gets a 30 minute lunch break will have to use that time to dash to the nearest fast food joint, jumping over feces and used needles, because the left says so?

People will have to go out and eat? Or…what? A fine?


Also from the article:

“Anthony Myint, co-owner of the Perennial restaurant in the city’s mid-market neighborhood, told the Chronicle he expected a brisk lunchtime business, but instead sees only a few customers for lunch each day.

“We misunderstood the pervasiveness of the company cafeterias inside,” Myint told the publication. He probably would have chosen another location had he known, he said.

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“You can’t compete with free,” Gwyneth Borden, executive director of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, told the Chronicle.

Safai told KNTV he hopes the ban would invigorate the city’s restaurant trade.

“The backbone of any vibrant strong city is our small business, our restaurants, our cafes, our locally owned businesses,” Safai told the station.”

So, isn’t that fascism? The very thing ANTIFA is (supposedly) against? The government trying to force people to use a business they otherwise wouldn’t have used? My head is spinning.



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