San Francisco's privileged tech class vs. the exploding homeless population – a scene from the front lines.

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San Francisco has unique and known problems that are causing this situation. First new housing is difficult to get approved, high density housing is impossible to get approved. Second the mild weather and young affluent people make it a great place for the homeless to gather. Also high pay for entry level jobs plus the high cost of housing means there are a lot of homeless in San Francisco that are working.
San Francisco is what happens when you have a city that only allows suburb density for miles around. Add to that all the surrounding areas have the same density restrictions and you have San Francisco. Imagine New York city only allowed five story buildings and you get San Francisco.
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4 thoughts on “San Francisco's privileged tech class vs. the exploding homeless population – a scene from the front lines.

  1. This is why liberals in areas like SF are so obsessed with privilege; they build their lives on it so they assume everyone else does to. Its called projection.
    SF liberals hate the poor and working class. I lived slightly to the north of the Bay Area, and went down there to work on some construction projects. The way they talk to anyone working class is reprehensible. They have created a third world bubble where the uber-rich exploit the destitute and there is hardly any middle class. Artificially segregated areas like “East” Palo Alto and “Marin City” prevent the rich liberals’ taxes from helping the poorer neighborhoods, which ensures they will have a cheap labor pool to clean their over-priced homes.

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