Santa Is Getting Margin Calls – Smart Money Index At 22 Year Low, Credit Markets About To Blow Up

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Bond Watch: “If GE Debt Gets Junked, Markets Have Reason to Shudder”

“Holders of GE bonds are preparing for one of the world’s biggest borrowers to be downgraded to junk. To get a sense of what that might do to the markets, take a look back to the turmoil caused by the 2005 downgrades of General Motors and Ford—but worry that this time it might be worse.”

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Ray Dalio: “It’s Just Like the 1930s for Investors Right Now”

“Dalio compared the current era of investing to that of the 1930s. Back then, the U.S. was also in the late stages of a business cycle with populist politics and tons of debt swirling around.”


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